We currently offer designs printed on Waterslide - Clear, Sticker - Clear, and Sticker - White media. Click here to watch a video on how to apply waterslide decals. 

You are purchasing a physical product that will be shipped to you, not a digital design. Designs are printed and do not include actual paint, metal, glitter, foil, etc. 

ALL items are made to order. ALL sales are final. NO refunds.

Have questions? Please see our FAQs!

Sizing is approximate. Sizing of the designs is proportional to the longest side (height or width). If you need a specific size of a design, please message support and we will see if we can accommodate your request.

Decals are printed using a laser printer and do not need to be sealed. ALL waterslide paper may crack. Sticker has an adhesive backing and has a thickness of 2.0 mil. Please be gentle when placing your decal.

-Waterslide - Clear and Sticker - Clear are printed on clear media with NO white underlay, are transparent, and best used on a white or light-colored background.
-Waterslide - Underlay and Sticker - Underlay are printed on clear media and have a white underlay under the design and can be used on any background color.
-Waterslide - White and Sticker - White are printed on white media and can be used on any background color.
-Rub On Transfers have a white underlay and can be used on any background color.
*Please see image for reference.

The decals are printed free of the watermark. The watermark is over the design to prevent theft of the image.

**You will need to cut around the design yourself.**

**Sticker sheet does not come laminated.**

The colors will vary due to variations of monitors/devices and settings. Also, monitors show us colors in RGB and printers only print in CMYK. Colors may also vary due to media chosen (waterslide vs sticker vs rub on transfer) and if the image has an underlay or not. We also use several different printers to print our items. 

Due to the nature of our business and the fact that the products we sell may be used on various types of projects in various categories, it is the buyer's/end user's responsibility to do the research to make sure your final product does not infringe on a copyright/trademark or have any other legal limitations for your intended use. Colorworks Creations LLC, our artists, or the artists we purchase from will not be held liable for trademark/copyright infringement violations or damages that result from illegal or improper use by the buyer/end user on their final product. All designs remain the property of Colorworks Creations LLC (if created in house) or their respective artist (if purchased by us with a Commercial License and permission to use in this manner). You are not permitted to scan/copy the transfers, resell these images in digital format, upload them to print on demand sites, or share the images with others.

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